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4/17/2016My WhyThe Five W's of the Christian LifeRod Phillips
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Dennison Foursquare
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4/10/2016Between the Sunday'sRod Phillips
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Deuteronomy 5:31-322Samuel 11:1-2Dennison Foursquare
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4/3/2016Jacob: Travail, Truth, TransformationDavid R. Slentz
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Genesis 28:10-22Genesis 32:22-30Dennison Foursquare
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3/20/2016The Stories of the Passion (Part 3) – The Story of TriumphThe Stories of the PassionRod Phillips
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Dennison Foursquare
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3/13/2016The Stories of the Passion (Part 2) – The Story of the Garden Rod Phillips
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Dennison Foursquare
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3/6/2016The Stories of the Passion (Part 1)The Stories of the PassionRod Phillips
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Exodus 12:1-13Luke 22:15-23Dennison Foursquare
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2/28/2016Sent ForthRod Phillips
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Acts 19:10-20Dennison Foursquare
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2/21/2016Wake Up, Shake Off Chains, Call on GodCalixto (Pichi) Gonzalez
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Isaiah 52:1-7Dennison Foursquare
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2/14/2016Missio Dei ("Mission of God") Part 2Rod Phillips
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John 20:21John 1:14Dennison Foursquare
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2/7/2016Missio Dei ("Mission of God") Part 1Rod Phillips
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John 4:4-42Dennison Foursquare
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1/31/2016It's My Church!Rod Phillips
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Hebrews 10:19-25Dennison Foursquare
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1/24/2016Build It Right!Rod Phillips
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Matthew 7:24-27Dennison Foursquare
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1/17/2016Answering the Call to PrayerSusan Bosch
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Dennison Foursquare
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1/10/2016Revisit to RevitalizeRod Phillips
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1Peter 2:9-12Romans 13:11-11:14Dennison Foursquare
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1/3/2016I Remind YouRod Phillips
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2Timothy 1:6-12Dennison Foursquare
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12/27/2015The Characters of the Nativity (Part 5) – The Wise MenThe Characters of the NativityRod Phillips
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Matthew 2:1-12Dennison Foursquare
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12/20/2015The Characters of the Nativity (Part 4) – Story of the ShepherdsThe Characters of the NativityAdam Jones
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Luke 2:8-20Dennison Foursquare
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12/13/2015The Characters of the Nativity (Part 3b) – Mary and ElizabethThe Characters of the NativitySusan Bosch
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Ephesians 2:4-10Dennison Foursquare
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12/13/2015The Characters of the Nativity (Part 3a) – Mary MonologueThe Characters of the NativityMarietta Slentz
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Luke 1:28-38Dennison Foursquare
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12/6/2015The Characters of the Nativity (Part 2) – It is Time to Shine The Characters of the NativityRod Phillips
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Malachi 4:5-6Luke 1:5-25Dennison Foursquare
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